Thomas Mallory Evans

Debut album "Four Once....." out July 1st!

The gift Of Life (for Autumn)

Sacred forever, this precious time -
All your other cares to the back of the line -
A first-time father and a new-mom wife
Caught up in the joy of the gift of life.
One from two - two now three - three are one.
Each day is learning - a first for both -
Planning, discerning what matters most -
Asking of others who have done this stuff,
Only to find you couldn’t ask enough!
Care will show - you’ll do fine - you’ll learn as you go.
There’s now another star in the sky at night,
And both of you can marvel at its beautiful light -
This world now embraces your adorable child,
And, no offense, dad - I hope she gets mom’s smile!
Sing out loud, that all the world should know your joy,
And through you, find that joy in kind - sing out loud.
Love this day - your every path has led you here -
This moment blessed, forever dear - love this day.
Care will show - you’ll do fine - every day, you’re learning more -
You have love (the bottom line), though you’ve never sailed these seas before -
Each November we’ll await to lovely Autumn celebrate - lovely Autumn celebrate -
Then, upon some distant ground, through wisping time (the present fades),
You both will surely claim you found parenthood the greatest role you ever played -
The greatest role you ever played.....
An angel alights on this jewel blue and white,
Set within the vastness of perpetual night -
The one place love and poetry compete with strife
Is thankful ever after for this gift of life.....


© Thomas Mallory Evans. All rights reserved.