Thomas Mallory Evans

Debut album "Four Once....." out July 1st!


Never once have I performed any act of a hero -
I’ve slain not one dragon, nor sailed any ocean wide -
The “damsels” I thought that I’d “rescued”
Never turned out to be what they had seemed -
No wonder I’ve often sought refuge in my daydreams!
All of us face “slings and arrows” that we must contend with,
As Hamlet so poignantly stated four centuries ago,
And if thought itself is the seed of ideal,
And spurs noble action, what time does it steal?
How many solutions do we find revealed through our daydreams?
A view into our souls - what drives us, deepest, there?
Announce we some aloud, while some we never share -
Purest desires of heart and mind, to speak or keep within ourselves -
Idle folly, thief of time, or where our true potential dwells?
I differentiate between the lofty, seeking truth, amazed,
And lowly, empty, or obscene, which so corrupt this modern day -
Imagination, questions drive - impossibility may thrive -
Science itself owes its very existence to wonder,
As curious minds search for knowledge possessed not before -
Composers, inventors, and engineers strive
To further their crafts, and hence, better our lives -
Disciplines owing to thought will survive due to daydreams -
Genius and progress, the cause and effect of such daydreams -

© Thomas Mallory Evans. All rights reserved.