Thomas Mallory Evans

Debut album "Four Once....." out July 1st!


Drowned in cares day after day -
Seems worrying is all I do -
I need to take time for the good things in my life,
And the best of those is you.
Years now, you’ve stayed by my side -
My best and worst you’ve seen -
You’ve held my hand through this whole ride -
A Godsend is what you’ve been.
Highs and lows, you’ve wavered not,
And offered me but love
As life would test me and my faith,
To see what I’m made of -
Time and time again, I’d bow
My head in fervent prayer,
And when I opened up my eyes,
You were praying there -
Some men dream of fame and wealth,
As men quite often do -
I dream of years of strength and health
That I might spend with you.
La, la, la, la.....Mm, mm, mm.....
When I stumble, and I fall, extend your hand to me -
You, who brightens all my days - forever, may this be -
Cares won’t drown my strength or faith,
Nor worries my days mar -
You hold my hand through thick and thin -
A Godsend is what you are.
La, la, la, la.....Mm, mm, mm.....
A Godsend is what you are.....a Godsend.....

© Thomas Mallory Evans. All rights reserved.