Thomas Mallory Evans

Debut album "Four Once....." out July 1st!

Three Now Four (For Atticus)

Blessings are sacred, their myriad forms
Intangible jewels with which lives are adorned -
Few though, however, evoke such warmth
As that which accompanies a child being born.
La, la, la.....
Our lives are portraits - their canvases pure
Allow for each brush stroke - first halting, then sure -
No two alike, though alike procured -
Unique to time and occasion endured -
La, la, la, la.....
Three now four.....blessed once more.....
Patient, awaited again this miracle new to take place -
Spirit set fluttering when you first viewed that angelic face -
May good health and happiness always be yours,
Compassion and kindness in infinite store,
And love and forgiveness your strength and core -
As God's blessed you three, now may God bless you four -
La, la, la, la, la.....

© Thomas Mallory Evans. All rights reserved.